RPI Power Inverter
During frustrating blackouts and power fluctuations, it is essential to carry the proper power inverter for both convenience and emergency circumstances. Ramset's RPI-TL power inverter responds with a near instantaneous (16.6 milliseconds) automatic transfer to battery-derived AC output. This near instantaneous transfer ensures smooth transitions between regular power and battery-derived power even during mid cycles. This uniquely designed power inverter supplies up to 750 watts of continuous 120V AC power to your gate opener & utilized accessories. The RPI-TL is made to function only on 1/2 & 3/4 Hp openers. For units with a 1 Hp motor, the Battery Back-Up System is great option. *Battery not included



1/2 Hp, 3/4 HP Motors Only Exterior Mounted No Loss Of Functions
Power Back-Up System Powers Gate & Accessories Max Capacity: 5 amp, 600 Lbs

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